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Inflight Service – Enhancing the travel experience

If you ever travelled by air or sea in the Nordic/Baltic area, chances are good that we have served you through the stores of one of our many airline, ferry or airport partners.

The essence of our business concept is to enhance the travel experience  offered by our partners by providing convenient, high quality shopping from a wide selection of attractive products at outstanding value.

We know shopping is an appreciated part of  the travelling experience and can have a significant impact on overall customer satisfaction. The starting point for all of our store concepts is a thorough understanding of the consumer needs combined with the desired store profile requirements of our partners.

We are also the people behind the EUROSHOP airport shops chain, with stores in Sweden, Estonia, and Poland - and also on board ferries operated by Fjord Line and Unity Line.

As of may 2012, we launched the Holiday Taxfree brand as an umbrella brand for the highly successful pre-order concept offered to our airline customers.

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Stockholm 16 January, 2014


We are delighted to announce that Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has awarded Inflight Service AB the responsibility to operate all On-board retail (Duty Free and food), all Pre-order retail (Duty Free and food) and to manage all Catering Service Providers. The agreement covers the European Operations and is effective (preliminary) from April 30 2014 and valid for 5 years.

Inflight Service provides Pre-order Duty Free services to Norwegian’s passengers (on charter flights from the Nordic countries) already today. The parties will now substantially extend the cooperation to cover the above European services and further expand the unique pre-order to other routes and flights where possible. Both parties are eager to innovate and bring new and exciting products and services to Norwegian’s passengers and at the same time continuously grow the net income from these ancillary services.

Commenting on the agreement, Bjørn Erik Barman-Jenssen, Director Ground Operations & In-flight Services in Norwegian Air Shuttle AS, says ”The importance of having a flexible and innovative partner supporting us in our ambition to continuously differentiate our passenger offering behind the Norwegian brand, is paramount. We believe that Inflight Service meets the very high standards we require from our business partners, and that they have the willingness to invest with us as we expand operations to new markets. We are very pleased to strengthen our cooperation with Inflight Service for the future”

Björn Ulfberg, CEO of Inflight Service AB, comments “We are very proud to have been chosen as the partner for Norwegian in this exciting stage of their business´ development. Norwegian is a customer that has very high expectations on our retailing capabilities coupled with very ambitious growth plans. We are delighted to have signed an agreement with a customer that is willing to cooperate with us in a very progressive fashion with a shared objective to deliver a leading passenger experience throughout the journey. Building on our unique airline retail capabilities, we are very excited about the opportunity to take airline retailing to the next level together with Norwegian.”

For more information, please contact John Baumgartner at Inflight Service on +46 708 841 930 or john.baumgartner@inflightservice.se


Stockholm 12 August, 2013


We are delighted to announce that the Norwegian Ferry Line operator Fjord Line has awarded Inflight Service the concession to operate the Tax Free Shop on the Sandefjord (Norway) and Strömstad (Sweden) route commencing in early summer 2014.
The new shop will be built on the ship Oslofjord (currently called Bergensfjord) that will be refurbished in the first quarter of next year and start traffic on the route later in the spring/early summer. The renovated ship will do 2 daily trips from Sandefjord to Strömstad and is expected to attract some 450,000 passengers annually. The completely new +1200 square meters Tax Free Shop will be custom made to deliver a unique shopping experience, designed to meet consumer needs on this particular route. As this is a route where Tax Free shopping is the primary reason for travelling, the "sales per passenger" numbers are expected to be among the highest in the world for a ferry route. The primary product groups will consist of spirits, wines, beer, tobacco, perfume & cosmetics, confectionery, fashion, electronics and some strategic food items. However, other product groups may be added from time to time.

Commenting on the agreement, Ingvald Fardal, CEO of Fjord Line says "The importance of the Tax Free Sales to establishing this route is extraordinary and we have found that Inflight Service is meeting the extremely high standards we require from our business partner. I am very excited about the plans we have seen and am looking forward to implementing them with Inflight Service as this new venture is launched during 2014"

John Baumgartner, Business Development Director Inflight Service, who leads the project stated "We are very proud and excited to have been given this opportunity to create and manage one of the best Tax Free concepts in the whole Nordics, a challenge we look forward to." John adds, "Everyone at Inflight Service and our business partners are ready and eager to start working on this project to deliver an outstanding shop and a truly exciting shopping experience for Fjord Line's passengers."

For more information, please liaise with your regular contact person at Inflight Service.

Björn Ulfberg

CEO & President

Inflight Service Europe AB


Stockholm, 27 June, 2013
We are delighted to announce that Inflight Service and Jetairfly have agreed to introduce the Pre-Order concept in the Belgian market with estimated launch date 15 November 2013. The Pre-Order concept is and has been hugely successful in the Nordics for the last 25 years and will now for the first time be presented to customers in mainland Europe. The Pre-Order concept will initially be presented to some 1,4 million Jetairfly passengers per year!
The Pre-Order concept contains the following unique attributes:
 Pro-active communication to the passengers via e-mails, text messages, catalog sent home and dynamic web-shop allowing for a convenient and hustle free shopping experience prior to travel
 A wide assortment consisting of around 800+ top selling items from all traditional Travel Retail product categories combined with selected local/Belgian brands
 Delivery guarantee to assure that ordered items always are available
 All items conveniently delivered to the passenger’s seat
 Flexible payment methods
 Possibility to shop for delivery on both out- and homebound travel
Inflight Service and Jetairfly already cooperate in view of the on-board retail services and the Pre-Order concept will be implemented to complement and further increase the world class retail service offered to Jetairfly’s passengers.
For more information please be in touch with your daily contact person at Inflight Service.

Best regards,
John Baumgartner
Director, Business Development
Inflight Service Europe AB



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